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I always long that one day, my guy will come, whoever and wherever he is, he’ll find me and he would come up to me and and pulls me closer to him as we dance the way I’ve always wanted. Where he’ll be the one who teaches me on how to dance cause I don’t know the steps, he’ll laugh because I’m a bad dancer, but despite of all that, he’ll guide me wherever the music takes us, I don’t care what spot or what dance floor were on as long as he’s my partner, where he’ll spin me around and he won’t ever let me go, not even when the lights go off, he’ll look me straight into my eyes with that look I always hope to see, he’ll sing me the lyrics, like a whisper in my ears, with his voice low and soft and gentle, a voice that would make me close my eyes as we dance slowly in the middle of the dance floor and I have nothing more to do than hold him tighter and he’ll do the same thing as we sway.

This says absolutely everything I feel.


(Source: unappreciateddreamer)

Dream Job:

To open a book store called Undiscovered Gems or something like that, and exclusively sell books by authors that are trying to get their books out there. I’ll probably have some of my own books in there too, but it will be a store for all the people out there that like reading unpopular books and whose books aren’t famous yet. It would even have a fan fiction section.

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